Twitter Spaces gets revamped with new updates

Twitter Spaces

In the latest phase of its development with new updates, Twitter upgrades discoverability of relevant Spaces, improves textual interactions in and out of Spaces, and more.

Along with these updates, Twitter has also fixed a bug with an objective to make Spaces more reliable.


To facilitate communication within Spaces and with users on the platform, Twitter has now launched the ability to Tweet directly from a Space with its readily available hashtag, on Android & iOS.

The feature was added after Twitter learned from feedback that users would want to interact with users in a Space apart from the live audio conversation, or just Tweet to their followers and talk about the Space they’re attending in real-time. The platform also mentions handles may also be added in the upcoming updates.

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Relevancy of a Space to every individual user has been found to be an integral aspect of keeping a user engaged or on the lookout for a fitting conversation, for live social audio.

In an attempt to improve discoverability and streamline the process of finding a Space that matches the user’s interests, Twitter has launched a tab in the beta phase on iOS that lets users search for ongoing or upcoming Spaces via title, hostname, and host handle.

Guest Management

The platform has revamped the process of coordinating participants and managing listeners and speakers through new guest management tools. The control bar for participants has been moved to the top of the guest management page to make it more easily accessible.

A new section has also been added where the host can find pending speaker requests and the types of participants that are present in a Space.