Twitter Updates: Improved DMs, Newsletter subscription & more

Twitter newsletter

Twitter has launched a slate of new updates for Direct Messages, along with the new functionality that enables users to subscribe to newsletter through Profiles.

The updates for Direct Messages have been launched on iOS and Android and a select group of users would be able to access the feature enabling newsletter subscription but is available for all Revue creators (newsletter owners).

Direct Messages

The few alterations and updates on DMs include improvements to navigation with a quick scroll button, that lets users jump to the latest message, along with the ability to share the same Tweet in up to 20 different conversations separately, to avoid accidental group chats.

DMs will now also be collated by dates to reduce timestamp clutter, and while reacting to a message, users now have two options – double-tap, or long-press a message, to ‘Add reaction’ from the menu to pull up the reaction picker.

The quick scroll button and the ability to share Tweets in separate conversations have been rolled out on iOS and Android, and reactions and messages grouped by date have been launched on iOS.

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Newsletter Subscription

Twitter is now rolling out a functionality in the testing phase, that enables users to subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from a Twitter profile. The functionality is a way ahead to support writers with new editorial features, a par of Twitter’s objective with the acquisition of Revue, an editorial newsletter subscription service.

The acquisition of Revue and integration of its features on the Twitter platform intends to streamline the process of editing and publishing newsletters for writers, build a subscriber base, and also make it easier for readers to discover relevant writers and content.

With the latest update creators and writers on Twitter can turns on the subscribe feature in Revue, to enable users to directly subscribe to the creator’s Revue newsletter through the Twitter profile.

In the testing phase, select Twitter users will see a section on the Profile that invites the users to subscribe to the newsletter. The email associated with the reader’s Twitter account will be shared with the newsletter owner.