Twitter users can now hold Spaces with co-hosts

Twitter Spaces co-hosts

In a slate of new updates launched by Twitter to further develop Spaces, the platform expands the capacity of a Space along with introducing the functionality that allows hosts to invite two co-hosts.

The scaled-up size of Twitter Spaces can now hold a host, two co-hosts, and ten speakers. Co-hosts’ abilities are limited to inviting speakers, managing requests, removing participants, pinning Tweets, and more.

Additionally, users on iOS can now long-press the compose Tweet button (quill icon) and tap the purple button to create a Space. Android users can simply tap the ‘+’ button and then the Spaces option. Twitter is also developing the ‘Space bar’ on top of the timeline, the header that is now empty since Fleets has been discontinued.

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Danny Singh, from the Research & Strategy team of Twitter Spaces shares that the ‘Coming Up’ tab that shows upcoming Spaces has been advanced with a few more updates, to make it easier to find Spaces that would be relevant to the interests of the specific individual. Users also have the option to ‘Hide’ Spaces they’re not interested in, from within this tab.

On the iOS front, Twitter fixed a significant bug that was leading to crashes. The stability improvement for Spaces on iOS is now live on the latest version (8.76) of Twitter on the App Store.