Workplace by Facebook launches mobile security features

Paawan Sunam
Aug 02, 2021 04:22 IST
New Update
Workplace security

Based on the concepts of giving the owenership of data to the user, maintainig controls on data access, and keeping Facebook and Workplace accounts unconnected, Workplace has introduced new Mobile Security features.

The addition of Mobile Security to Workplace incorporates two categories of features - Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Native, to protect sensitive information and intellectual property when employees are using a corporate managed device or their own phone.

MDM includes a set of data loss prevention features for users using corporate devices enrolled in MDM platforms (App.Config). The Native mobile security features include audience selection, secondary reauthentication, enabling compliant apps, and the functionality to block downloads, copy/paste, screenshots, or screen recordings.

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The layer of Mobile Security links with a company's MDM/EMM provider to help protect corporate-controlled devices, and also enable data loss prevention features on personal devices.

Whenever sensitive or confidential information is shared outside of the Workplace app, the functionality of blocking screenshots, copy/paste, etc. adds a protective layer to prevent data leaks. The functionality is similar to how banking apps prevent screenshots of (for example) transaction history so it cannot be shared externally.

Selected audiences being targeted can help admins control restrictions applied to specific users. Biometric authentication prevents Workplace from external penetrations by only being accessible to employees with customized restrictions.