YouTube launches website with resources for creators

YouTube creators website

All creators whether they’re just starting out or have been with the platform for a while, can access a hub of resources through the new website by YouTube.

Common questions related to content creation on YouTube, monetizing the channel, growing the audience, and more topics that would be relevant to beginner creators, along with advanced-level subjects such as community building, all of these questions would be answered through informative guides and blog posts in the newly launched website by YouTube.


Getting started on YouTube

Production, channel branding, and how-to-use YouTube Studio, the creators’ dashboard that enables management of uploads and shares channel performance, are the main subjects that beginner-level creators can find info for here.

Top creator questions

Frequently asked questions that commonly several creators would have would be present here on the homepage to streamline pre-creation research.

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Policies + Guidelines

Policies and guidelines that all creators need to adhere to are an integral part of maintaining a channel, whether it’s abiding by advertiser-friendly guidelines or Community Standards. As the three-strike system may consequentially also lead to the termination of the channel, creators can stay up-to-date with the latest policy updates here.

Building your community

Learn about the suite of creation tools, comment managing tips, and metadata best practices to build a loyal community of fans and subscribers.

Programs + Initiatives

Access all programs and initiatives by YouTube designed to support creators here. Creative workshops, Black Voices Fund, Shorts Fund, FanFest, and similar opportunities would appear here.

Growing your channel

Analytics tools, tips to expand viewer base with unique audiences and improve channels would be listed here.

Making money on YouTube

Monetizing content is a significant part of growing as a creator on YouTube. Creators can know all about the YouTube Partner Program, traditional ads, and similar ways to generate revenue through YouTube.