YouTube launches safety updates for young users

YouTube has announced the rollout of additional protection layers for young users, specfically under the age of 18 consuming content on YouTube and YouTube Kids, as a preventive measure.

In addition to a dedicated kids app, data practices for children’s content, and the supervised accounts feature, a few of the tools and features that are already functional, YouTube is updating default privacy settings for young users, providing safeguards on commercial content, and more.

Privacy Settings

YouTube will be steadily altering the default settings to the most private options for users aged between 13-17. For instance content by these users would be posted on YouTube as a private upload. The user can also change the visibility setting to public, and YouTube would provide reminders on who can see the video.

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Digital Well-Being

The digital well-being of young users is a significant factor in their screen time and online presence. Remaining aware of this notion, YouTube will be turning autoplay off by default and will be highlighting bedtime and ‘take a break’ reminders, for users aged between 13-17.

The settings remain changeable. The platform will be adding an autoplay option to the YouoTube Kids app, with an added functionality for parents to choose a ‘locked’ autoplay setting.

Safeguards On Commercial Content

Along with paid product placements being disallowed on YouTube Kids, overtly promotional or commercial content “that only focuses on product packaging or directly encourages children to spend money” will now be removed from the platform.

YouTube has also updated disclosures that appear on ‘made for kids’ content or supervised accounts on YouTube when a creator highlights their videos as paid promotions. The disclosures developed by YouTube and child development experts also link to an animated video that explains paid promotions.