YouTube announces security update for YPP Creators

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube YPP creators

Starting November 1, all creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) will be obligated to enable two-step verification to access Studio.

Once YPP creators have set up two-step verification on their Google account, each time they sign in to YouTube Studio, they will need to enter their password, along with a verification code sent to them.

The additional verification is an attempt to prevent bad actors from being able to access the creators' account if they get their hands on the password, and they won't be able to sign in to the account. Creators can set up the two-step verification here.

As for the creators who no longer have the phone number associated with their creator account or are unable to receive verification codes through any of the other methods such as the Google Authenticator app, texts, or others, they can use backup codes to sign in.

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A backup code becomes inactive once it is used to sign in. A set of 10 codes can be generated by the creator as and when needed, and the old set automatically becomes inactive once a new set is created.

How to create and view a set of backup codes:

  • Go to the Google Account
  • On the left navigation panel, click 'Security'
  • Under 'Signing in to Google' click 2-Step Verification
  • Under 'Backup codes' click Set up or Show codes. Codes can be printed or downloaded

Note: Two-step verification must be enabled with the setup process completed to find 'Backup codes', and 'Use your phone to sign in' must be turned off.

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