YouTube Updates for Stories and Shorts

YouTube Channel Watch

YouTube has announced a few updates for Stories and Shorts, that include a new experiment of combining two tabs in one for a streamlined viewer experience with the Channel Watch Tab.

The updates for YouTube Stories are rolling out for all creators on Android and iOS and the Channel Watch Tab experiment would only show selectively, as it is in the testing phase.


Creators can now select images and videos from albums or folders of their Camera Roll and upload them as Stories. Until this update, creators had to scroll through their Gallery to pick a video or photo, which can be a daunting task as creators would have various versions of a piece, or would have trouble finding the piece to be uploaded, but with the new update, they can select the image or video categorically.

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The music library of Shorts has been expanded with more music in select countries, and users would be able to use the expanded audio library for personal, non-commercial use unless they have the appropriate licenses.

How to add audio to Shorts

  • Tap ‘Add Sound’ on the Shorts creation Page
  • Make a selection and then record
  • To add a song or other audio after you record, tap ‘Sound’ at the bottom of the edit screen. Sound picked from the library is limited to 15-second clips

Channel Watch Tab

The new experiment on Android combines two tabs ‘Videos’ and ‘Playlists’ in an attempt to simplify navigation by collating two content types in a single tab. Playlists would appear in a section at the top and videos would appear below with an infinite scroll.