Amul Macho alleges Lux Cozi duplicated their popular 2007 ad

Paawan Sunam
Sep 07, 2021 05:06 IST
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Amul Macho Lux Cozi

JG Hosiery, the apparel manufacturer that owns Amul Macho has filed a complaint with ASCI against Lux Cozi for plagiarism; the self-regulatory advertising body has accepted the grievance for further review and scrutiny.

Amul Macho states that their advert 'Yeh Toh Bada Toing Hai' garnered considerable popularity during its stint and elevated brand equity, making the advert a substantial creative asset, and the details of this advert that outline the brand proposition have been integrated into the commercial by Lux Cozi.

Yeh Toh Bada Toing Hai - Amul Macho

'Ekdum Cozy' by Lux Cozi has allegedly plagiarized the executional elements of the Amul Macho ad film which include, the color and shape of the underwear, the music theme, the setting including washing and drying clothes, the way the woman holds up the underwear and specific expressions of the supporting cast when they see the underwear.

The brand asserts that the Lux Cozi campaign is in violation of Chapter IV of the ASCI Code, Clause 4.3, which states that “Advertisements shall not be similar to any other advertiser’s earlier run advertisements in general layout, copy, slogans, visual presentations, music or sound effects, so as to suggest plagiarism”.

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Ekdum Cozy Ft. Varun Dhawan - Lux Cozi

Navin Seksaria, CEO, JG Hosiery states, "We find it shocking that a worthy and esteemed competitor appears to want to ride on the creative success of a brand that’s a market leader in its category, by blatantly copying its popular ad concept and executional elements. We hope good reason will prevail and the copied ad will be withdrawn forthwith".

The main premise of both adverts is situated in the statement made by both women (in each advert) holding up the underwear with a sense of pride that their men wear this product and creating the visual identity that this brand is superior to its competitors.

The complaint is further due for process, and ASCI will further discover whether Lux Cozi has plagiarized the advert, or the resemblance is the outcome of both brands being the innerwear category who embrace a tongue-in-cheek tonality in their brand communications.

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