Clubhouse launches Wave to enable casual conversations

Paawan Sunam
Sep 27, 2021 04:56 IST
New Update
Clubhouse Wave

Taking more cues from real-life conversations, Clubhouse has launched a new feture that enables users to Wave at the friends they spot while strolling through a hallway to start a casual conversation.

Clubhouse designed the feature to streamline chats in the hallways of the over 700,000 Rooms created on the platform that users can initiate with a wave. The feature has been rolled out on both Android and iOS and is accessible for all users.

Users can swipe right on a Hallway or tap the dots menu on the bottom left and tap the Wave button next to each profile to start a conversation with the desired friend. The friend would then be notified with a prompt letting them know the user is up for a chat and the option to join a private room.

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Users can wave at multiple friends and continue being part of the room or explore Clubhouse or walk into another room while they wait for the friends to respond. If the waves are canceled and the app runs in the background, the waves would be paused so the user doesn't get pulled into a room without realizing it.

Furthermore, to make conversations on Clubhouse more lifelike, the platform also adopted spatial audio to enhance the listening experience. For the unacquainted, Spatial Audio is a technology that creates sound in 360 degrees around a listener, and applies directional audio filters, adjusting the frequencies that each ear hears so that sounds can be placed virtually anywhere in 3D space.

Listeners would be able to have a close to the real-life experience of having a chat with friends in a room. Spatial audio will gradually be rolled out as the default experience for all new iOS users, with Android coming soon.