Clubhouse launches new resource hub, Creator Commons

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Clubhouse Creator Commons

Creator Commons is an all-encompassing resource hub that includes guides, visual manuals, tips from the Clubhouse team, and the creator community, along with additional resources that cater to creators in all phases of their journey, from aspiring to established.

The Creator Commons are categorically divided by themes that dissect the phases of growth of a creator on Clubhouse, and the process of being a monetizing creator. Planning & Production, Hosting & Moderation, and Brands & Monetization are a few of the brackets that hold topic-specific resources.

Furthermore, categories such as Clubhouse 101, and Clubhouse Quickstarts, can aid creators that are just getting started on the platform, hosting their first room, creating a club, or even getting a friend group together, 101 and Quickstarts will enable them to be equipped to build a community or organize events. Clubhouse Speak holds a glossary explaining all terms related to Clubhouse.

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Conversations from Clubhouse HQ, programs and funding for creators, best practices and guidelines, building the creator brand, engaging with Press, using revenue-generating features such as Payments, working with sponsors, are a few of the resources that creators use to unlock their growth phase.

Additionally, Clubhouse also launched the Creator First program in several countries including India to financially support creators by connecting them to brands or providing a monthly stipend and also aid in the production and creative development.

Clubhouse wants to propel its initial growth with the scale-up of its broad rollout and opening up for all users from previously being invite-only, with the launch of the Creator First program.

The program is designed to provide support and resources that creators need to flourish their creativity on Clubhouse and equip them with the required tools. The launch of the new resource hub further bolsters the initiative of supporting creators, with downloadable assets, visual guides, and best practices