[Download] How can brands activate immersive marketing by leveraging Augmented Reality & branded hyper-casual games

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With the festive season just around the corner, AliveNow & Newsfeed SmartApps highlights various ways to reach out and engage with the audiences through Augmented Reality (AR), branded games, and other experiential solutions.

Since the second wave of COVID-19, the advertising industry has displayed immense resilience with a consumer-centric approach. As they continue to brace forward, brands look forward to the upcoming festive season for growth, recovery, and traction through engaging campaigns.

However, with the festive season comes a clutter of campaigns - making standing out an indeed difficult task. According to AliveNow, immersive experiences created through augmented reality branded hyper-casual games, and interactive videos can play an integral role in helping brands stand out. The idea is to convert the brand’s target audience into engaged users and eventually customers.

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This includes interactive tactics such as AR filters on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, stickers, in-app games, and multi-dimensional experiences created through 3D-360 stores. For instance, a brand can create a virtual experience that allows consumers to point their cameras to a space where they wish to create a rangoli and watch as unique designs come to life, giving an exact view of how the rangoli will look. Or use AR to enable concepts like connected packaging, true 3D product overviews, and fireworks in the user’s environment.

These features can also be used to create in-store experiences focussed on driving footfalls through personalized offers, gamifying the purchase experience, and tying up their offline retail experience with their app - creating a truly phygital experience.

With AR and immersive solutions as the key to engage the audiences in a meaningful way, it could be an opportune time to delve into the branded gamified experiences making consumers a part of the story.

The report goes over different ideas and strategies bracketed by objectives that the brand wants to achieve.

Download this report from AliveNow to further gain insights and create a seamless festive marketing strategy for 2021.

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