Khatabook releases ‘Dhande Ka Vaccine’ campaign featuring MS Dhoni

Khatabook campaign 2021

Created by Fatmen, the latest Khatabook campaign includes a series of videos featuring MS Dhoni as the Dhande ka Doctor which aim to highlight the digital solutions by Khatabook to overcome business challenges in various circumstances.

Khatabook has released its latest Dhande ka vaccine campaign. Created by Fatmen, this campaign features MS Dhoni as Dhande ka Doctor. This is the fourth Khatabook avatar of MS Dhoni in the campaigns for Khatabook and Biz Analyst By Khatabook.

In the previous Khatabook campaigns, MS Dhoni pulled off the avatars of Tomorrow SwamySharmile Sharmaji, and Techno Tawde

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As the campaign videos proceeds, Dhoni aka Dhande ka Doctor comes to the rescue in various situations with the ‘Dhande ka Vaccine’ which is nothing but digital solutions by Khatabook to overcome business challenges in unforeseen circumstances. The campaign includes use-cases with Khatabook for book keeping and receivables management and Biz Analyst for overall business intelligence and management with a series of videos.

Commenting on this, Ravish Naresh, CEO, and Co-founder, Khatabook, said, Our product offerings resonate with our mission to make businesses more efficient and empower merchants with the power of digital. The pandemic has shaken up the business ecosystem. However, our MSME community has demonstrated great resilience and is adopting digital to build future-proof businesses. With the #DhandeKaDoctor campaign, we want to encourage more and more small businesses to adopt our digital solutions to manage their resources efficiently and thrive in this ‘new normal.” 

Ved Prakash Yadav, VP, Growth and Marketing, Khatabook, said, “Our #DhandeKaDoctor campaign aims to reach out to more business owners with its effective messaging conveyed by our brand ambassador MS Dhoni in his new Khatabook avatar. Through this campaign, we want to let the MSME community know that Khatabook is committed to addressing various business challenges they face with simple, user-friendly digital solutions. We hope that these offerings will provide a springboard for the MSME community to grow their businesses in the pandemic world.”

Rishabha Nayyar, Chief Strategy Officer, Fatmen said, “Old habits die hard. Though all MSMEs would relate to the problems and challenges of their ancient systems, out of habit most of them would continue with them. Getting them to recognize the magnitude of the problem was key to opening their minds to embracing our new-age solution. Which is why our approach was one of magnifying each one of these seemingly regular problems into scary business diseases that needed to be prevented through a vaccine!”

Ashwin Varkey, Founder, and Chief Creative Officer, Fatmen says: “Khatabook, both as a brand and client, is very special to us. After creating the last campaign we were very sure that we can’t let the momentum drop. Shishir Kapre along with his team of Kshitij Barot and Skandh Chaturvedi has created an extremely exciting campaign. An extra-large peg to Kshitij for bringing this idea to the table. A big shout out to our mad partners ZIGZAG  films – Abhijit and Anupama. For all the work, the craziness, the intensity and not to forget… the ambulance siren that the nurse carries throughout the campaign.  Thanks to our clients for letting us play this one. And to MSD, our captain, for hitting the ball out of the park. Yet again.”

The campaign has been launched in five languages – Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu. It will be live for a period of 6 weeks across various media platforms ranging from OTT, social media, and mobile applications.