LEAD highlights an #OutOfSyllabus phase for schools this Teacher’s Day

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Sep 03, 2021 11:05 IST
New Update
LEAD teacher's day campaign

Conceptualized by TBWA\India, LEAD's campaign highlights the #OutOfSyllabus phase for the Indian education system, ripe with challenges owing to the pandemic and salutes the resilient spirit of the school owners who upheld the ecosystem, this Teacher’s Day.

With the pandemic hampering the majority of the sectors in the country, the education system faced many challenges, especially in the initial months when over 15 lakh schools shut down in India. But the ecosystem saw a recovery, thanks to the resilient spirit of the school owners, who didn’t back down, despite the many adversities. Saluting the indomitable spirit of the school leaders, LEAD released its latest teacher’s day campaign, #OutOfSyllabus.

Conceptualized by TBWA\India, LEAD’s #OutOfSyllabus campaign takes you on an emotional journey of school owners, highlighting the many challenges faced during the testing times.

As 2020 brought unprecedented problems, the world seemed to look at the digital medium for respite and solutions. With the ingrained traditional values, classroom system, and crippling ecosystem, it was not easy for the education sector to grasp the new normal with multiple challenges plaguing parents, teachers, and students, alike. In such times, it is often daunting to put others’ problems above everything else in a never-before-seen phase or a situation that is #OutOfSyllabus.

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As the " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">video commences, we see how a school owner who is being questioned by teachers and parents both - as the world struggles to make ends meet. Right from teachers who are attempting to go online without the right logistics and awaiting their salaries to parents who are demanding an exemption in fees - the principal is faced with problems never seen before. However, all these challenges impacted the students the most - whose very future is in jeopardy. With a resolution to deal with this situation, the protagonist decides to face these hurdles head-on.

The campaign film ends with the emotional protagonist as he meets his students online, in a classroom environment, albeit of a different kind.

With this powerful film, LEAD celebrates the unsung efforts of these future line workers who rose as an educator to students & as a mentor to teachers in these testing times.

Paying an ode to the valiant souls, the brand’s #OutOfSyllabus campaign seems to aptly encapsulate an unforgettable, arduous period for the education system and expresses gratitude to these ‘Future Line Workers’ who ensured uninterrupted learning services for millions of children in India

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