Lingerie, Choices & Music: A marketing tactic that helps brands connect with bra wearers

Taking the lyrical poetry route seems to be a popular choice among lingerie brands, we take a look at this tactic as a marketing strategy.

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Lingerie brands marketing strategy

Taking the lyrical poetry route seems to be a popular choice among lingerie brands, we take a look at this tactic as a marketing strategy and how it works for lingerie brands.

Emotions are often at the heart of branding and marketing efforts, especially when engaging in digital marketing. It is perhaps the most commonly used tool to connect with audiences on a deeper level. When it comes to selling lingerie, especially bras, brands seem to be experimenting with the ratio of sensual and functional in their marketing strategy. On one hand, they want bra wearers to look at the piece of clothing as an extension of their body (in terms of comfort) and self-image, a means to feel good about themselves, externally as well as internally. On the other end, brands also talk about the functionality of the various products in their portfolio and how they can fit into the wardrobe needs of their customers. It is a mix of both that helps them hit the right chord.

Given the high pricing of bras, functionality has always been a key element in marketing communication. Brands need to show what the consumers stand to gain with their products. Over time, intangible values like confidence have found a home in such narratives, strengthening them. It should also be kept in mind that bras can now be bought at much lower prices, especially online — unless one is looking at premium options. The sheer variety, according to needs, has also grown multifold. Now, the brands can no longer talk about just functionality. It is about starting conversations, raising awareness, and being in sync with the growing aspirations of their consumers.

Lingerie brands seem to be seeing success when they put all of this together with the help of music and poetry.


As a lingerie marketplace, Zivame's strategy has always been focussed on 'Fit for all'. They have products that can be used for specific needs by a diverse group of people. Packaging these product values and sentiments in a video format with music proved to be a great way for them to display their strengths.


Jockey Woman

For those on the move and with high aspirations, comfortable and appropriate clothing is often a major point of concern. The right bra can go a long way in helping a person feel comfortable in their skin, a big push up for their overall performance, professionally as well as on personal grounds. Jockey Woman tried to capture this in their #BrasAsVersatileAsIAm campaign.


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Bras can be expensive and thus tend to be bought less frequently. People often put focus on the functionality of the product, rather than the looks as they want a product that would last them a long time. With #FabolousEveryday, Enamour tried to tweak this thought process by introducing bras that are budget-friendly and stylish — meant to be worn on an everyday basis for a steady supply of feel-good hormones. Peppy music helped them a great deal here.



In popular media, lingerie has often been shown as a fun element in a night-out scenario. Friends coming together to dress up without inhibition essentially helps them feel more confident about their bodies while being in safe spaces among people they trust. In 2018, PrettySecrets had released a campaign around this phenomenon. Since the video was shot in one of their stores, they were able to introduce people to the ease of shopping there.


Wacoal India

Wacoal is a premium lingerie brand, something that reflects very prominently in their #FeelsSoFine campaign. The video is shot in luxurious settings and portrayed as an indulgence, rather than a functional piece of clothing. Music and poetry thus play very important parts in the narrative — they form the crux of it as well as elevate it.


With so much hush-hush around the topic, bras are a tricky product to sell in the Indian market. Just the image of a model wearing a bra can be taken completely out of context and seen as a means of sexualisation for pleasure. However, when coupled with a strong narrative, filled with sentiments such as confidence, control, and body positivity, brands are able to go the distance and communicate with their target audiences in a more refined and direct way. These are not just add-ons to the narrative, they are requirements for effective communication.

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