LinkedIn announces it is discarding Stories

Paawan Sunam
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LinkedIn Stories

The current Stories experience will be unavailable by the end of September and LinkedIn will be launching a new video experience that aims to be more conversational.

LinkedIn had launched Stories with an intent to enable members to share everyday professional moments and experiences with their communities more casually, and authentically.

The LinkedIn Stories feature allowed members to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long, which would be visible on their profiles for 24 hours. The platform had also launched six localized stickers for India, that served as depictions of the work-life specific to the country.

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The platform was also developing a Swipe-Up feature to attach links on Stories, and was testing ads in the tab. The mixed media and creative tools of Stories would be embraced by the upcoming video experience, and the learnings from the feature's run would be incorporated to evolve the new experience. The announcement was shared by Liz Li, Senior Director - Product, LinkedIn.

The learnings garnered by LinkedIn from Stories showed that users want the videos to be displayed on their Profiles and want more creative tools to make engaging videos in a professional context. The new video experience that has been announced would take these learnings into context and develop the experience further.