Oculus announces Zoom integration with Horizon Workrooms

Oculus Zoom

Professionals using Horizon Workrooms, the remote working tool by Oculus will now have added functionalities and video-conferencing features supported by Zoom.

Horizon Workrooms is available on Oculus Quest 2 in all countries where Quest 2 is supported, and the integration with Zoom intends to further enhance the remote working experience. The upgraded Workrooms will go live starting next year, and users will be able to join Zoom Meetings and use Zoom Whiteboard from within VR.

Workrooms is a virtual collaboration experience that enables co-workers to connect, communicate, and collaborate remotely, by facilitating brainstorming sessions, working together on a document, or just having conversations.

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Supported by VR, Workrooms comprises features such as a mixed-reality desk and keyboard tracking, hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, video conferencing integration, spatial audio, and Oculus Avatars that substitute the users in the virtual world.

It would also be simpler to connect with colleagues outside VR. Users can join Zoom Meetings from Workrooms in VR, and brainstorm or discuss ideas with co-workers through Zoom Whiteboard integrated directly into Workrooms.

On Workrooms, users can join meetings in VR or dial into the virtual room by a video call, use a whiteboard to sketch out ideas and also bring their computer and keyboard into VR to work together with others, capture notes and action items while in a meeting, share links and files, and also sync Outlook or Google Calendar to make it easier to schedule meetings and send invites.