'Open Your Snapchat’ campaign comes to India with a localized CTA

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Sep 03, 2021 04:54 IST
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Open Your Snapchat

'Open Your Snapchat’ features a range of popular Indian phrases & daily lingo which translate into quirky, immersive lens experiences for Snapchatters.

Snap Inc. has launched the India leg of its global marketing campaign titled  ‘Open Your Snapchat’ today. The campaign is aimed at showcasing the power of Snap’s camera as it opens doors to endless possibilities and activities including connecting with culture, e-commerce and meaningfully engaging with friends and family.

This multi-pronged marketing campaign was launched globally on July 30th across the U.S, UK, and Mexico. The localized India launch of the campaign in Hindi, Hinglish, and English is a part of creating experiences that are socially relevant and culturally contextual with a hint of local humor. The integrated brand campaign launches across digital platforms and will include Snapcodes revealing dozens of AR Lenses and custom creatives.

‘Users can now display their cool quotient with Snap’s  ‘Daadi Cool’ lens or even build up their glam avatars with the ‘Desi Munde’ lens or take a trip down nostalgia lane with the ‘Beta, Aunty Ko Dance Karke Dikhao’ lens. This and many more fun lenses will be available for the Snapchat community in India to explore, engage and entertain. 

Speaking about the campaign launch, Kenny Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer at Snap Inc. said, “Snapchat is a platform that is deeply personal because it often serves as a way to connect people with their real friends to share fun or memorable moments. Most importantly, they are doing so in their environment, sharing experiences that are focused on them and their surroundings. ‘Open Your Snapchat’ is an invitation to fully dive into the world of creativity and AR as we ask current and future members of the Snapchat Generation to open their Snapchat to unlock a world of possibilities and expressions through the camera.”

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More than 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR on an average daily. With the campaign, the brand aims at nudging the consumers towards a more consistent use of AI, depicting how the app can be used in new and innovative ways.

In India, Snap has seen users engage with AR to celebrate cultural moments and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Onam, Baishakhi amongst others and learn local languages through unique language lenses amongst many other local initiatives.

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