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Snapchat Trends

With Snapchat Trends brand analysts, copywriters, and marketers can gain audience insights that'll help them reach their target group with better efficiency and ease. Snapchat Trends will be the voice of trending activities happening at the platform.

Snapchat released ‘Snapchat Trends’; the new feature will highlight trending and most-shared and used keywords from the Snapchat community. The classification of such keywords would be done via taking public Stories and My Stories into consideration. 

The new feature presented by Snapchat will elevate the marketing game for marketers and content creators. Snapchat Trends will help them to keep a tap on the pulse of the social media platform and build content accordingly. 

After a few rounds of testing, Snapchat Trends has shown successful results for the marketers to drive the insights in their favor - both on and off the platform. 

Here are few takeaways from the new ‘Snapchat Trends’ feature:

1. Market Research Based On Trends

Trend analysis is often very helpful for marketers to understand their brand positioning, rebuild their brand strategy and approach, and effectively target their potential customer/ audience. Brands from various industries can use Snapchat Trends as a product market research tool, to understand the volume of conversations, grasp an increase or decrease in the discussion of particular topics, and shift their focus on marketing certain categories accordingly.

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2. Spot On Copywriting

On social media platforms, slang used by the netizens is regularly refreshed, so to stay relevant in the game; copywriters have to ensure copies that interest and stand out. The brands’ messages should smell of familiarity and relatability, and that’s where trend analysis comes to the rescue. According to data obtained by Snapchat, the phrase ‘third wheeling’ was being used quite often. This insight helped the copywriters of the online dating industry to use the phrase for its target group. 

3. Building Target Group Oriented Profiles

Any brand that has a defined target group needs to keep a check on its TG’s preferred activities, however major or mundane they might be. Snapchatters share their daily activities on the platform, be it going to a library or sipping coffee. Marketers can gain great insights via these updates and marketize the users’ preferences efficiently.

4. Building On Key-Moments

Snapchat highlights “in-between’ holidays like National Ice Cream Day. On the social media platform, these are popularly known as Snapchat holidays, there is a huge response to these in-between celebrations. Marketers can engage the users in conversations revolving around these moments. Building relevant content will help them take the center stage and gain traction from their potential audience/ customer.

5. Brand Research & Analysis

Businesses operating via this social media platform can understand the consumer behavior toward their and their competitor’s product. Marketers and brand analysts can compare the success and failure of their competitor's brand and take notes from their strategies and mistakes. This feature-enabled research will help in checking brand health and monitoring quarterly business reports. 

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