PlayStation introduces Playtopia in its new global advertisement

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PlayStation global advertisment

With top-notch graphics, and a new fantastical city PlayStation is back with a new game concept. The new advertisment has received mixed reactions from the gamers community.

PlayStation released a brand new global advertisement emphasizing that this time play has absolutely no limits. Titled 'Play Has No Limits,' PlayStation's brand slogan is based in a city called Playtopia. Each move is crucial and has after effects beyond calculation. In Playtopia, the game means everything.

The global advertisement has rush, stunts, and fun all in the 2 minutes video clip released on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation. With a fantasy city in its backdrop, Sony Interactive Entertainment aims to unleash new challenges and push limits for its global gaming brand.

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The advertisement was released on 10th September 2021 and has garnered 127,097 views until now. However, the comment section seems to be chaffing the new Playtopia concept. One user wrote, "I was getting so hyped for Chess 2, I can't believe Sony betrayed me like this". Another user wrote, "This is the greatest trailer for absolutely nothing I’ve ever seen."

The comment section of the brand new advertisement has mixed reactions, but it has helped the Playtopia concept gain some momentum amongst the gamers.

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