Reddit introduces new features for its Ads platform

Reddit Ads platform

Reddit has launched few new and updated features like campaign optimization, bid recommendation, and more for its Ads platform.

The newly added Ads platform features by Reddit aim to help brands and advertisers reach increased efficiency in managing their advertising and targetting on the social platform. 

Bid Recommendation

The feature shows automated suggestions for bidding on marketing campaigns. Advertisers can leverage the bid recommendation tool in the ad group build page for guidance on what to bid to reach their target audience. The feature would help in managing cost-per-click for different campaigns.

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Improved Bulk Edit Tool

Using bulk edit, advertisers can simultaneously make multiple changes in different campaigns. The new Reddit feature saves time and updates bids and budgets across multiple ad groups without much hassle. 

Updated Look And Work Efficiency

The Reddit Ads Dashboard is now 2x faster. Advertisers can view all the ads, campaigns, their status, create new campaigns, edit existing campaigns and campaign elements, and more at a faster pace than before. 

Furthermore, Reddit recently announced that it has entered into an Enterprise Partnership agreement with Omnicom Media Group to enable a range of strategic and commercial benefits from the media spends on Reddit.

The initiation is a part of the efforts to scale the advertising business on Reddit, and the partnership with Omnicom Media Group will result in the clients of OMG agencies receiving additional perks into tapping the 52 Mn daily active users.