Roxanne Chinoy, Instagram on Reels’ algorithm

Instagram Reels algorithm

Roxanne Chinoy speaks about the Instagram algorithm revolving around Reels, highlighting how content discoverability and distribution of this section works.

Roxanne Chinoy, Strategic Partner Manager – Reels Content Strategy & Community at Instagram talked us through the algorithm game that goes behind putting up content in the Reels and Explore section.

Launched in July 2020 and designed to entertain, Reels stormed into the Instagram users’ feed and became a part of content creation in no time. Roxanne shed light on how Instagram Reels are ranked and how does its distribution work to reach the vast and diverse Instagram users. For ranking reels, the Instagram algorithm uses survey inputs, regular feedbacks, and predicts the varying watch time allocated to different Reels.

Users’ interaction with the account that posted the Reel, the popularity, and engagement of Reel content in a wider context also help Instagram rank the Reels accordingly. Content creators should avoid making offensive, politically motivated, bordered, and low-resolution content in Reels – videos with such attributes might not get recommended or reach Instagram users.

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Instagram also helps its users if they wish to avoid any interaction or engagement with certain followers. One can mute those followers to avoid engaging with their content and also signal Instagram to avoid sending their content on the muted followers’ feed.

Roxanne shared that there will be many more engagement-friendly algorithm updates in the near future.

Roxanne Chinoy shared her views at Instagram Creator Day.