Snapchat launches Mini to celebrate birthdays

Snapchat Mini

To enable users to remember and celebrate their friends’ birthdays and send across a personalized greeting or a specialized birthday message, Snapchat has introduced a new Mini.

For the unacquainted, Snap Minis are bite-sized functionalities in the app that turn solitary activities into a virtual social experience. A Mini runs on all devices and are available for all Snapchat users with no additional installation required.

Minis are built with standard HTML5 web technology, users can build their own Minis, bring in their friends’ Bitmojis, and interact with built-in voice and Chat features. They can also share their Minis with Snaps, and Stories, through which friends can tag along on the experience.

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Through the Birthday Mini, users can see upcoming and recent birthdays, in a list organized by Zodiac sign, wish friends a happy birthday with stickers and lenses, and also set a countdown for their own birthday.

The platform does not display the birth year or age, this information is only visible to the users themselves. The birthdays will show up on the upcoming and recent list only if the users have opted in to have their birthdays visible on Snapchat.

Furthermore, Snap has partnered with companies like Atom, Headspace, and more to build the in-app experience of Minis. Along with celebrating birthdays, users can also plan a movie night, coordinate which artists to see at a music festival, make a deck of flashcards for studying, and more, with the feature integrated within Chat.