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On the occasion of World Clean up day, Surf Excel announced its transition to 50% recycled plastic bottles with the launch of its latest campaign that aims to bring about a positive change for a sustainable and responsible tomorrow.

Surf Excel today, releases its 30-sec TVC that nudges all of us to make choices and take action to help build a sustainable and responsible future, as part of its World Clean up day campaign on 18th September 2021. To support the cause, the brand announces its transition to 50% recycled plastic bottles.

The brand is executing the initiative with the help of its research and development team and support from The Banyan Nation. This means that 50% of the plastic used in its bottles has been made from reprocessing existing plastic. The product is also designed using 100% biodegradable activities.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the campaign video features a young child who is moved by the stories of her father and grandfather about their sense of joy from small experiences at a time when man and nature weren’t out of sync with each other. With a determination to create a world in which she can be a part of these exciting experiences, she starts collecting waste to create space for nature to flourish. Showing the path to her elders, she acts to make better choices for a cleaner future for herself, and many children like her looking forward to enjoying the world in all its glory. 

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“The product, pack, and communication change are a small nudge from the Surf Excel team to the citizens to believe their choices make a difference in creating a world we all wish for. The journey ahead is long, but all journeys start with a single step, and this is our first step in, what we truly believe is, the right direction for our portfolio”, says, Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director and Vice President, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever (HUL).

“For over a decade and a half, Surf Excel has been a believer and proponent of the potential of children to do good while getting dirty. With this piece of work, we are extending our journey to take on one of the issues - the threat to our environment. This film is a recognition of an issue on which children can lead as change agents. Through the simple actions of the child, we see our personal ability to make a difference and hope that it brings the connection to the issue of environmental consciousness and action”, says, Kunal Joshi, President, Lowe Lintas.

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