Twitter introduces Communities for discussions on shared interests

Twitter Communities

Twitter Communities are groups based on particular chracteristics, interests, or inclinations and can be created and self-moderated by users.

Starting today, people can expect to see Communities, such as Dogs, Astrology, Sneakers and Skincare, right away. Communities exist on your Twitter app as a place to Tweet about your interests separate from your public timeline. Presently, Twitter Communities have been rolled out on an invite-only basis, and admins and moderators as of now have unlimited invites and members have 5 invites per Community that can be sent via DM.

Users who have joined a community will see a new option in the Tweet Composer to Tweet to the community or only the followers, with the options ‘Everyone’ or ‘My Communities’ that shows a list of Communities that the user is a part of. Only those in the Community can engage in the conversation – Tweet, Reply, Like, or Retweet those tweets. Users can fill out a Communities interest form to submit an application for the creation of a Community.

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Twitter Communities are similar to Facebook Groups and Reddit subreddits, this is a shift from the generic nature of the social network. Until now, Twitter has predominantly been about conversations that flow in real-time and users generally come to the platform to know what’s happening now.

This shift from a topic-based experience to a people-based experience is a significant change, but the platform would have to see how the update pans out and how the development sustains its relevance, or whether it would be discarded after a short run like Fleets.

If and when advertising avenues are introduced for Communities, it would be an added benefit for brands. As along with geo-location, age, or gender, advertisers would also be able to incorporate ineterst-based targeting, aiming their campaigns at Communities who induge in a certain interest.