Twitter tests an immersive timeline with edge-to-edge Tweets

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter timeline

In this immersive Twitter timeline, photos, videos, Tweets, and ads will span edge-to-edge with no margin, amplifying the focus on each Tweet.

The global test by Twitter will be accessible to a select group of users and the immersive timeline is an effort to improve how all forms of media and Tweets are viewed by users. With Tweets spanning the width of the screen that leaves no margin, users would have less room to skip relevant Tweets that they may like but accidentally skip on as they scroll.

Sarah Personette, CCO, Twitter, mentions, since Twitter reduced cropping, more users are liking Tweets, retweeting more frequently, and following more accounts. "It's an indication that our efforts are helping people find more content and more people that they want to engage with and connect with".

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The immersive timeline also means an enlarged creative asset for brands and advertisers; 'scroll through' has been the 'change the channel' when an ad shows up, but user attention on the whole screen when they catch a glimpse of the ad may lead to higher consideration or performance.

As the test runs and Twitter gathers more feedback on how it is changing the user experience, the platform states the test would then expand to Android.

Furthermore, Twitter is also testing an option to remove followers without blocking them. To remove a follower, users can go to their profile and click 'Followers', then click the three-dot icon and select 'Remove this follower'.

Twitter Tweets timeline tests edge-to-edge