Twitter introduces labeling feature for automated accounts

Paawan Sunam
Sep 13, 2021 05:45 IST
New Update
Twitter labels

Twitter is testing a labeling feature that allows users to identify automated accounts managed by bots, for users to have an informed experience on the platform.

Twitter hosts a varying slate of automated accounts managed by bots such as information outlets, weather updates distributors, and more, the newly introduced labeling feature will apprise the users about the account being automated so they have a better understanding when they interact with these accounts.

Presently, only a select number of users are a part of the invitation-only test which would enable these users to identify automated accounts with the label. The platforms shares once an account accepts the invitation to the test group, an 'automated account' label will appear on their account profile under their profile name and handle.

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Another objective by the platform to introduces this feature is to offer transparency to users so they can differentiate between good bots from spammy bots, as automated Tweets are also frequently used to share relevant information, apart from spamming users and Tweets.

Furthermore, Twitter recently also introduced a new slate of features and settings in the Safety Mode, designed to protect users from abusive replies or unwanted interactions on Twitter.

Safety Mode has been rolled out in testing in the beta phase amongst a small group of users on Twitter who have English-language settings enabled, on iOS, Android, and The mode will go through a gradual rollout as they gather feedback through the beta phase.

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