Twitter launches monetization option called Tips

Twitter Tips

Twitter users can now send money in the form of Tips, to creators or accounts whose content they love and engage with, and financially support the voices and topics that build conversations.

Twitter users will be able to send and receive Tips directly through Profiles once turned on by the accounts, by clicking on the Tips icon. The feature has been rolled out on iOS with Android launching soon.

The Tips icon next to the follow button on Profiles can be tapped to access the available payment services or platforms through which the tips can be sent, after clicking on the desired option users will be redirected to an external web page or app to complete the transaction.

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Razorpay, Patreon, PayPal, Bandcamp, Cash App, GoFundMe, and more are the available payment services on the platform. Twitter also mentions users can send Bitcoin through the Lightning-enabled wallet to someone who has entered their Strike username. Or they can copy and paste someone’s Bitcoin address if they’ve added it.

Twitter is also updating the tipping prompt and Help Center to make it clearer that other apps (payment services) may share info between people sending/receiving tips, per their terms.

During the testing phase of Tips, Twitter stated they don’t take a cut of tips, and the payment service may charge a fee or take a cut from the tips sent and received.