Twitter Updates: Communities, Safety Mode & more

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Twitter new features

Twitter has been rolling out new features Super Follows, Word Filters, and has been developing existing products like Spaces by adding newer updates. Here is a round-up of all recent updates by Twitter.

The availability of each of the updates by Twitter is subjective to geographies and phases of rollout, and each update may not be available broadly to all users.


Recording and replays are the newest addition to Spaces, so people can experience conversations after they happen. Improved discovery with ways to find more Spaces at the top of the timeline or in dedicated locations has also been developed. Twitter is also continuing to roll out access to Ticketed Spaces to give hosts the option to set prices and audience size to get compensated for the experiences they create.


Twitter is testing Communities, a way to find and connect with people who want to talk about similar topics. Communities intend to get users closer to the people who care about a genre or topic. Twitter is starting with a few initial Communities as they test, and more will be rolling out more in the future.

Turning followers into fans & fans into funds

Twitter is creating opportunities to help creators earn an income based on their contributions to the public conversation. This compensation can be an incentive for meaningful conversations while giving more people more ways to interact with the content they love on Twitter.

Super Follows

Twitter is testing Super Follows with a small group of creators on iOS in the US. The monthly subscription service enables creators to charge for access to an extra level of content like behind-the-scenes thoughts and private conversations, and followers can get more of the content they love. The social media platform is just getting started and for now, people using iOS in the US and Canada can subscribe to Super Follow these initial creators. Twitter will be rolling it out globally soon.

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Upcoming program for Spaces hosts

Soon, Twitter will introduce a program for Spaces hosts designed to give financial, technical, and marketing support to emerging audio creators who are passionate about the live audio format and are interested in creating recurring programming on Spaces.

Tweeting with customized controls

Twitter has released a few features that aim to give more control over their conversations, who they want to hear from, and on what terms, Twitter is decentralizing controls.

Safety Mode

It’s a new safety feature to auto-block accounts similar to the ones that users have already blocked. Twitter is testing this safety feature with a small group on iOS, Android, and, beginning with accounts that have English-language settings enabled.

Community moderation

As noted above, Communities are publicly visible, with moderators and norms specific to that community, above and beyond the Twitter Rules. Decentralized moderation is another part of Twitter's effort to keep pushing forward on the idea of a personalized space. Limited Communities are available now.

Heads Up

Sometimes the users want to know who’s in the room and what’s the vibe before they jump in. Twitter will soon be experimenting with giving people a heads up before they join a potentially heated discussion.

Automated Accounts

Twitter has recently started testing profile labels for automated accounts, so people know if the users are talking to a real person or a bot. Twitter will explore more account types, like businesses, brands, and memorialized accounts in the future.

Word filters

Sometimes, there are specific words people do not want to see in their replies, so Twitter is exploring new ways people can filter out unwanted speech in their replies - stopping targeted name-calling or emojis. This is a concept for now, but Twitter will keep the users posted on how this exploration may evolve.

Remove yourself from a convo

Soon, users will also be able to remove themselves from a convo that they don’t want to be in. The person who @mentioned the user won’t be notified that the user has quietly left the thread.

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