Twitter Updates: Filter & Limits, Topics in Spaces & more

Twitter updates

Twitter has announced few significant updates includinig the expansion of Twitter Official Partner Program with the addition of new partners, along with reply controls, and more.

The accessibility and availability of the Twitter features and updates is subjective to each rollout.

Filter & Limits

Filter & Limits are new tools under development in the beta concept phase, for users who would prefer keeping potentially harmful content at the bay from replies on their Tweets. When Twitter detects such replies they would prompt the user to use controls to filter or limit potentially harmful replies that derail from debates or disagreements. These controls would also be accessible on Twitter Settings.

Accounts that have a history of potentially harmful behavior would be barred from replying to Tweets from users who have ‘Limits’ turned on. Filters will restrict the visibility of an abusive reply to only the person who Tweets it, and not to the author of the original Tweet who has Filters turned on, along with any user who sees the Thread.

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Expansion Of Twitter Official Partner Program

Twitter Official Partners are companies associated with Twitter to provide business and marketing tools and resources to brands advertising on the platform or collaborating with Twitter.

The platform has added a new slate of companies to this program to extend the scope of business and marketing solutions provided by Twitter, and the new additions include Black Swan, Bloomberg, Hootsuite, ListenFirst Media, Meltwater, Netbase Quid, and Talkwalker.

These partners would provide solutions and expertise to brands and advertisers across categories such as consumer & market insights, customer feedback, customer service, event monitoring, brand monitoring, and social marketing.

Video Quality Improvements

Twitter has initiated improvements to improve video quality, and going forward videos uploaded to Twitter will appear less pixelated. The quality updates apply to all new video uploads and may not apply to videos that already exist on the Twitter platform.

Topics In Spaces

Hosts creating Spaces would now be able to add three Topics (out of ten choices) in tags of the Space. The feature is only available in English on iOS presently.