YouTube expands Community Posts to Channels with 500+ Subscribers

Paawan Sunam
Sep 13, 2021 06:27 IST
YouTube Community Posts

After decreasing the threshold for the required subscriber base, more channels with lesser subscribers would now have access to Community Posts and would be able to engage with audiences with more content types.

Channels with more than 500 subscribers would now be able to upload polls, images, GIFs, and more content types through Community Posts on YouTube, and creators can also integrate clickable links and hashtags.

Community posts, the engagement tool previously required creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers to upload a content type apart from videos on YouTube. These posts appear on the Home Feed as well as users who browse through the channel's Community tab. The subscribers would also get notified about these posts or see them in the Subs feed.

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YouTube has also improved this tool with features such as posts with multiple images on Android (iOS & Desktop coming soon) and post scheduling, posts metrics in YouTube Analytics. The platform also mentions that they are working on expanding the tool to channels with less than 500 subscribers too, and the update may roll out in the future.

While different content types would be helpful for all channels on the platform to engage the audience with static posts, it would be particularly beneficial for creators, brands, and media publishers who want to redirect their audience to an external website or platform to increase traffic, engagement, or sales.

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