YouTube Updates: AdSense Blocking Controls & more

Paawan Sunam
Sep 14, 2021 04:45 IST
YouTube updates

YouTube has launched a slate of new features and updates for creators, which include editorial ability to choose which ads serve their videos, a new metric in analytics, and more.

The updates by YouTube have been announced by the platform's Creator Insider channel, and their availability is subjective to each update.

AdSense Blocking Controls

Going forward, MCN affiliate channels will have access to AdSense blocking controls and will be able to make decisions on which ads would be suitable to their channel and choose ads that they would want to refrain from showing on their videos. The functionality was previously only available to YPP channels, now it can be accessed via the AdSense account linked to the channel itself.

Auto-Chapters Bulk Edit

Auto-Chapters, the automated process that categorically divides a single video into multiple sections so users can directly jump to the timestamped topic they're more interested in, has now been expanded to all videos by creators instead of only new videos on the platform.

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Creators are automatically opted into this feature, and therefore YouTube has launched an option to bulk edit videos and opt them out of chapters. They also have the option to turn off chapters in the uploads flow, metadata editor, or in the upload default for all future uploads.

The update for Auto-Chapters has been rolled out for all existing videos, but would only be visible for select videos for which the algorithms can detect chapters.

Video Insights

Video Insights have now been launched for Evergreen videos - videos that have remained constantly popular on a channel. As a part of the efforts to improve video analytics, YouTube ran a few experiments for this video metric, and after the addition showing promising potential, the metric has now been rolled out.

Appeal Of Yellow Icons

YouTube is rolling out the ability to appeal 'yellow icons' that indicate that the video is running limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable fo advertisers, through the YouTube Studio mobile app, but features such as manual review feedback, and post appeal would not be available presently.

Previously the ability was only available through desktop, but now all creators in YPP will have access to the mobile functionality by the end of September, and is starting to rollout this week.