YouTube Updates: New metrics in Studio mobile & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube updates

YouTube has launched a slate of updates to the Studio mobile app, along with rolling out a new experimental metric for creators.

The availability of each of the updates is subjective to each one, and the metric in the beta phase will not be broadly available to all YouTube creators.

Metrics In Studio Mobile App

YouTube has brought in additional metrics of the channel and video performance on the mobile app, that was previously only available on the desktop version.

These include new and returning viewer metrics and member metrics under the 'Audience' tab of the channel and video analytics, and the platform is also aligning the video performance card in the mobile app with the desktop site.

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YTA Currency Settings

Rolling out over the next couple of weeks, YouTube Analytics currency settings has been launched in Studio mobile. Creators can change the currency settings on Studio mobile, by going to settings and tapping 'Comment Notifications' in the Studio mobile app.

Bottom Navigation

As a part of developing the Studio mobile app with features designed to optimize the user experience for creators, YouTube will be rolling out a bottom navigation bar presently available in the main YouTube app.

Top Videos Growing Your Audience

This is a new experimental card under the audience tab within analytics, which shows videos that enable the growth of a channel's audience. The metric involved is the new audience returning to the channel to watch more, and the videos will be listed in descending order in the card. Through this new performance card, creators will be able to gather what type of videos is pulling back the audience and if they should create those videos more often.