3 ways real estate brand Zillow is including kids in their social media marketing plans

Families have a lot on their plate while taking a real estate related decision, Zillow is addressing such concerns via social media marketing.

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Zillow social media marketing

Families with kids have a lot on their plate while taking a real estate related decision, online real estate marketplace, Zillow is addressing such concerns via social media marketing, with kids being an integral part of the communication.

Inside Out is a very popular animated 2015 movie by Disney Pixar that focuses on the feelings of a child in a family that's shifting into a new place. It shows the journey of Riley, who simply wants to go home and doesn't know anything about her new space. Over time, she realises that home is anywhere her family is — that she can feel home no matter where she goes. Kids and everything about them, including their school and friends, are a big part of the considerations a family has to keep in mind while moving. Understanding this sentiment, online real estate marketplace, Zillow is taking steps to include kids in their social media marketing communication with campaigns, collaborations, and content. We take a closer look at the efforts.

Moving Towards Possibilities

While adults can rationalise the process of moving to a new place out of necessity, kids often find it difficult to adjust to their new surroundings. A few weeks ago, Zillow came out with a campaign to address the feelings felt by a child when their family is moving. It shows a very difficult journey that the child undertakes with all their talking toys — only to realise that the new place isn't all that strange or scary — in fact, friends can be made and possibilities can be explored when a child moves out of a familiar environment. To move is to grow, the brand communicates.

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Taking the conversation forward with a children's e-book, Zillow has released The Girl Who Didn't Want to Move. It's a story of Iris, her parents and her friends trying to navigate a move. The e-book, made in partnership with creative agency FIG, discusses what it means to move to a new home, what families with kids can expect, and the complicated emotions that come with a move. The narrative also includes advice from a parenting expert to help parents understand the various things they should do and keep in mind while preparing their kids for what's to come.

Collaboration With Disney & Hasbro

A dollhouse is an excellent way for parents to acquaint their kids with the idea of building a new home — about how they can design it as per their liking and experience the bliss of making a space their own. For Zillow, which deals with real estate and similar sentiments among adults, a partnership with Disney and Hasbro has resulted in a tangible product — a dream home. Listed on Zillow for a life-like experience, it comes with several features and parts meant to be educational and fun for kids.

Happy Kids Everywhere

As a brand that deals with home, Zillow's marketing communication features kids in a significant way. These visuals are either put up by the brand on their social media handles or curated under campaigns such as #FromMyHappyPlace and #TheUpsideOfInside. They add value to the space and the brand storytelling, showing people the possibilities they can experience in the homes on offer. How these spaces are kid-friendly and can be excellent spaces for families.

The pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine situations have forced people to think about their home and life at home in a more serious way. It is no longer a place to go back to — it's where life takes place. This is a sentiment real estate companies such as Zillow are trying to capture in their marketing communication. It has led them to talk about things that matter more — it is not just about pricing and location — it is about the quality of life that can be built in these spaces. And kids are an important part of such decisions, something Zillow has been able to capture well.

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