Clubhouse introduces Music Mode and updated Search feature

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Clubhouse Music Mode

Clubhouse had added stereo support to Clips, so any snippets that users share from performers using Music Mode will have finer sound quality. The search bar will allow waving at fellow users now.

This week Clubhouse has released new features - Music Mode and an updated Search feature will help in making the quality and search experience better for the Clubhouse users.

Starting with the Music Mode, this feature will help in providing finer sound quality for musicians/ artists performing on the platform. This feature will optimize Clubhouse to broadcast music with high quality and great stereo sound. Artists will also be enabled to use professional audio equipment for their performance, like external USB microphones or mixing boards.

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To enable Music Mode when an artist is speaking in a room, they have to tap the three dots and select “Audio Quality” from the menu. Then choose the “Music” option to start the jam session. Users won’t need to hop on stage for better audio quality. Users in the audience will also be able to hear stereo audio whether you use headphones, a speaker, or just your phone.

The platform has also added stereo support to Clips, so any snippets you share from performers using Music Mode will also sound good. Music Mode will roll out on iOS first and Android later.

Clubhouse has also updated its search bar option. Now the search bar will be available at the top of the users' hallway. Users will now also be able to wave at their friends directly from Search on iOS. This feature will soon be available on Andriod as well.

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