Clubhouse Updates: Universal Search, Clips, Replays & more

Paawan Sunam
Oct 06, 2021 04:55 IST
Clubhouse Updates

Clubhouse has introduced a slate of new features and updates to improve the user experience along with the searchability of clubs.

The updates by Clubhouse include much-awaited features such as the functionality to search for rooms, along with new ways to amplify the reach of a club or room.

Universal Search

Up until now, Clubhouse Search has only been functional to find users, but with the launch of Universal Search, users will now be able to search for people, clubs, live rooms, and future events. Available on iOS and Android, the feature would be first located in Explore and then eventually be moved to Hallway.


When turned on, users would be able to share a 30-second clip as a snippet or a preview of the club or the room. Currently, in the beta phase, the feature is only available in Public Rooms, and not private, social or club, rooms.

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The feature will be enabled by default and can be turned off at any time. Users will see a new icon (✄), which they can tap to grab a Clip of the past 30 seconds, and share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or WhatsApp, or save them to their camera rolls for editing it first.


Replays allow users to participate in a room as a listener even after it's over. When replays are enabled for a Room, the room doesn't disappear after it's over, it would remain discoverable as desired and can also be downloaded or shared anywhere. the feature will be in the testing phase and developed further, and rolled out broadly, starting from October.

Spatial Audio For Android

Spatial Audio has now been rolled out on Android. For the unacquainted, Spatial Audio is a technology that created sound in 360 degrees around a listener, it applies directional audio filters, adjusting the frequencies that each ear hears so that sounds can be placed virtually anywhere in 3D space, and Clubhouse has adopted it in attempt to make the experience a bit more lifelike.

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