The Dhindora around Dhindora: Marketing ‘India’s first fictional YouTube Original’

Dhindora Marketing

Dhindora is a milestone in Bhuvan Bam’s journey of developing BB Ki Vines Universe characters — we look at the marketing strategies at play to ensure it reaches audiences way beyond YouTube.

Some of the biggest content creators in the country today began their journeys on YouTube. They stepped up the possibilities on the platform, carving the way for many to follow. Eventually, they expanded their presence, making it big on other social media platforms and even OTT appearances. A long journey over the last decade — resulting in a new milestone: Dhindora. Touted as India’s first fictional YouTube Original, Dhindora is being promoted to the hilt, the team’s marketing strategy spanning digital, television, and OOH.

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Buzzing The Way

To create a buzz around Dhindora, Bhuvan has been leveraging his personal profiles and reach. An individual presence for BB Ki Vines is also being carved out on social media. From trailers and teasers to gratitude towards those who were a part of the journey — promotional content is being put up in varied hues. As part of the content strategy, short, funny videos are also being produced (of course)!

Meme Marketing

Funny content is where Bhuvan Bam and BB Ki Vines rule the digital space. It is then, but obvious, for meme marketing to be a key part of the promotional strategy for Dhindora. Profiles of both, Bhuvan Bam and BB Ki Vines, are being leveraged to nudge people into creating and sharing memes around the show.

Beyond Digital

To speak about Dhindora, Bhuvan Bam was invited to Bigg Boss — Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. This step added a larger-than-life value to the show’s promotional strategy. Vinyl wraps on BEST buses were another set of key ingredients in the mix, helping complete the irrational loop of “How hard work can help young talented persons in realising their aspirations and dreams”.

Leveraging YouTubers

Last but not the least, YouTubers were a big part of promoting Dhindora. The biggest names in the industry, including Tanmay Bhatt, Zakir Khan, and Ashish Chanchlani were a part of the promotional strategy where they came together for a ‘Dhindora Shoot’ in Mumbai. These people also created ‘Dhindora Vlogs @ BB Vines’ on their profiles to promote the show.

Produced under the label of BB Ki Vines Productions, Dhindora features ten characters from the BB Ki Vines Universe. The storyline revolves around Bhuvan and his family’s everyday life, with several unexpected twists and turns, keeping it light and funny. The web series consists of eight episodes, slated to be released over the next few weeks.

Dhindora is YouTube India’s big step in their potential aspirations to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Earlier, in a media statement, Bhuvan Bam had explained partnering with YouTube India for Dhindora: “It has been truly incredible to have received all the love since I started out with YouTube, 6-years ago. I feel YouTube Originals is the most fitting platform for Dhindora to reach all our audiences. I hope this association will only strengthen going forward.”