Facebook Gaming platform announces the launch of co-streaming

Facebook Co-streaming

Co-streaming on the Facebook Gaming platform will allow users to watch two different perspectives simultaneously and intends to improve the creator streaming experience.

The Facebook Gaming platform has designed the co-streaming experience to enable discoverability for gaming video creators and encourage collaboration between them. Creators will be able to search for and tag up to three gaming creators directly from Live Producer left rail when going live or Live Producer Gaming Tab edit stream module.

The co-streaming viewer experience will be turned on once the other creator tags them back and they see a confirmation green check icon next to their name. Creators have the option to disable the experience at any point in time during the broadcast by editing the stream details module.

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In addition to the newly launched experience, Facebook recently also launched Streamer Fan Groups, available to partner Gaming Creators and designed to improve the social experience of live streaming and gaming content on Facebook.

Group members would be notified if a creator chooses the option to distribute the stream to the group, viewers would also be prompted to join the Group. The functionality will also allow the creators to search for and play with other gamers in the group.

Gaming communities are thriving on social platforms, and more and more social media brands are tapping the engagement potential they hold, the recent efforts by the platform would further amplify this potential.