Fortune Foods launches new ‘Pet Pujo’ film highlighting a love story brewing amidst Pujo celebrations

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Oct 13, 2021 00:57 IST
Fortune Foods campaign

Targeting the young and old as a part of its Pet Pujo campaign, Fortune Foods brings to us the warm love story of two foodies, set in the backdrop of Pujo celebrations.

Pujo not only marks a celebratory time with cultural significance but also emotional, happy moments with loved ones, friends, and families. After a challenging year, as young and old alike await the festival with bated breath, Fortune Foods releases its Pujo campaign as part of its ‘Pet Pujo’ series to celebrate the love for food associated with this endearing festival.

Weaving the love for food with love stories that also cook up in the festive season, Fortune Foods once again presents a delicious story. The fifth ad film, under their Pet Pujo series, takes the viewers on a romantic sojourn with a love story that brews up during Pujo with delightful food, fun, laughter, and a dose of cuteness between a millennial couple.

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The #FortunePetPujor Prem campaign commences with the protagonist coming to meet his friend to celebrate the ancestral Pujo. A foodie by nature, the hero is all set to indulge his love for lip-smacking delicacies only to fall in love with the supervisor who is handling all the food arrangements.

As the campaign proceeds, the foodies fall in love with a little help from Fortune Foods. Capturing the heart-warming love story, the campaign also depicts yummy food, taking the viewers on a nostalgic journey of the festival. Ending the campaign on a positive note, Fortune Foods celebrates the love for food and people in their new campaign.

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