Brands capture the nation's mood with IndvsPak match creatives

Kasha Mishra
Oct 25, 2021 06:27 IST
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IndvsPak brand creatives

This Men's T20 WC, as Indians felt under the weather after the team lost the match, brands jumped in with IndvsPak brand creatives, reflecting the blues felt by the nation.

India vs Pakistan matches have always triggered an adrenaline rush for both the neighbour nations. Last night was nerve-racking not because the weekend was ending but because we lost the opening of one of the most-awaited T20 World Cup matches. IndvsPak brand creatives too reflected this mood.

India lost the match to Pakistan by 10 wickets. But, as experts say, statistically this day was bound to come. Nonetheless, viewers were somber as sad memes and posts started doing rounds. Brands tried capturing the after-effects. Zomato, Crompton, and Amazon Prime Video India added a pinch of sarcasm to help us get past the loss.

Zomato attempted to lighten the mood, depicting how India has won 12 matches against them in the last few years. Swiggy on the other hand reflected the nation's mood with 'kuch khaane ka mann nai kar raha'. TrulyMadly took the word play route and Crompton roped in Alexa to convey the sadness it felt.

Let us take a look at some of the IndvsPak brand creatives ...



Crompton India

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Amazon Prime Video India

Dominos India

Truly Madly





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