Netflix’s You inspired ways to kill it with Collabs on Instagram

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You is perhaps the last show one should watch to learn anything — but there are hidden gems in the storyline that we found to be useful for social media managers trying to decode Collabs on Instagram. Read on…

One can gauge the popularity of You from the fact that even though there is still a day left for the show’s Season 3 to drop, Netflix has already announced its Season 4! It looks like a lucrative asset for the video-streaming giant, given its enormous fanbase. Yes, it is a dark story, but one that has managed to capture the imagination of millions. While we will never encourage a crime, there is a lot about social media strategies that one can learn from such fictional cases. So, we dug into the show to safely extract some lessons we feel would work well to understand Collabs feature on Instagram.

Please note: This piece is a light-hearted read based on a popular show. We do not support any of the crimes depicted in the show. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Plan Out Mutual Benefits

May it be a more diverse audience or a chance to see an increase in traction — both parties (accounts) should get something out of the collaboration. Negotiation talks must include this aspect. It can’t be just another post on one of the accounts. There needs to be some meaning behind the decision to post it.

Each deal that’s ever cracked in any crime thriller, including You, focuses on mutual benefit. The creativity to make it lucrative for all those involved often constitutes the plot or, at least, a sub-plot!

Focus On Storytelling

If two accounts are coming together for a post, the resulting storytelling should be strong. There needs to be a reason why two sets of audiences should interact with it. The collaborative post will have to be relevant for both accounts. The creative idea must do away with all loopholes.

It will require the strategy team to think like a murderer trying to cover their tracks. Sounds grim, we know, but you got to do what you got to do!

You Can Even Build A Series!

Storytelling on Instagram is a lot like building a relationship. It holds, especially when two accounts are involved in creating a post. If the first post works well, you can work on creating a series of such posts. You will have to pay close attention to the engagement rates to be sure of the next move.

However twisted it may be, maybe all you have to do is build yourself a Wolf Story!

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Expand Your Potential Audiences

Much like dating, Instagram collabs can be a great way to know a new set of audiences. It can help you find new people to interact with as a brand or a content creator. It will help a great deal if you collaborate with a brand or a creator in your domain.

Just don’t be a stalker, like Joe or Love!

Let The Post Age A Little

While it’s true that the first few hours are crucial for a post’s success, waiting and watching might work as a strategy for you. It is because you are dealing with the analytics of two accounts and not one. The account you are partnering with might have a different time at which they get traction — it would perhaps be in your favour to let the creative age a bit.

Isn’t that how all lovers and murderers (or both, like the characters of You) function?

Remember It’s A Partnership

Collabs are a great way to reach new horizons and cross boundaries of what you believe is possible. It is thus imperative for you to choose a partner who can do something you couldn’t. The account you are partnering with must have strengths that you need but may take a much longer time to acquire. Seek their strengths and leverage them well!

Even Joe knew when to step back and take help — even if he had ulterior motives, it still counts!

So what are you waiting for — get planning your first (or next) collab!