Instagram launches new branded content features

Instagram branded content

Instagram has announced some major updates for branded content on the platform along with the addition of branded Reels and an update on the affiliate program.

The features are designed to improve the efficiency of paid partnerships and the discovery of branded content on Instagram.

Branded Content Features

The new branded content features are designed to enable the discovery of creators for paid partnerships and streamline communication between the collaborators of branded content. Creators now have the ability to create a list of brand partners they would be interested in working with, in the future.

Brands using partner discovery can then see them when they’re looking for creators to collaborate with, these creators will be prioritized when brands are searching for them. Although this feature does not guarantee brands would contact them for partnerships.

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The platform has also introduced a new folder in Direct Messages dedicated to “partnership” messages” where brands and creators have a differentiated section to manage all communications related to branded content collaborations, allowing them to respond and manage partnerships without the difficulty of going through the primary inbox.

Branded Reels

Creators can now enable brand partners to create branded content ads from any of the creator’s tagged feed, stories, and reels featuring the brand, with the new account permissions.

In the coming months, creators will also be able to boost branded content posted in feed, Stories, and Reels from the app itself. This functionality would be available globally when rolled out.

Affiliate Creators

Creators who are a part of Instagram’s native affiliate program will now have the ability to add a digital storefront to their profile on Instagram where they can showcase all the products which can be accessed by clicking “View Shop”. They will also earn a commission for the purchases they drive. This feature is a part of the testing phase of the affiliate program within the US.