Snapchat introduces monetization option for creators

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Snapchat Spotlight Challenges

Snapchat has announced a new way to reward its creators: Spotlight Challenges, that offers the creators a chance to win cash prizes for creating top-performing Spotlight Snaps using specific Lenses, Sounds, or #Topics.

Spotlight Challenges will be rolled out next month for Snapchat creators of 16+ age in the US, with more markets coming in the following months. These challenges intend to encourage Snapchatters to create Snaps that highlight their unique voice, perspective, personality, and creativity, whether it be users' best trick shot or their funniest impression,

Snapchatters can win a share of the total prize amount available for each Spotlight Challenge, which will typically range from 1K USD to 25K USD, although occasionally the platform may make available a larger sum for a particular Challenge. The minimum price that a Snapchatter can win in a Spotlight Challenge is 250 USD.

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To participate, users can visit the Trending Page, accessed via the trending symbol on the top right corner of Spotlight within Snapchat. Snapchatters have to Select the Challenge they want to participate in to see that specific Challenge’s page, which will feature the Challenge description and entries submitted by the community.

Tap “Challenge Details” for additional Challenge-specific details like available prizes and the submission deadline. Tap the camera icon to open the Snapchat camera, create and submit.

For each Challenge, the top 50 eligible, relevant, and highest viewed submissions will be judged on the following criteria: Creativity & Originality, Innovative use of Snap Creative Tools, Unique POV, and Entertainment Value. Typically, each Challenge will feature an average of 3 to 5 winners, although occasionally Snapchat may select more or fewer winners.

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