Truth Initiative campaign strikes vape addiction with humor

Truth Initiative campaign

The campaign by Truth Initiative aims to tackle the prominent issue of teenagers addicted to tobacco and nicotine. With a fresh take, the organization addresses this issue with an amalgamation of humor and awareness.

Truth Initiative, a nonprofit tobacco control organization is dedicated to achieving a culture where all youth and young adults reject tobacco. Conceptualized by Mojo Supermarket, the campaign for Truth Initiative titled ‘Depression Sticks’ aims to educate the audience about the harmful side effects of consuming tobacco or nicotine in any form.

The campaign has a series of short videos which take a jibe on using vapes (a device used for inhaling vapor containing nicotine and flavoring). “Why be happy, when you can be sad?”, “Vaping nicotine can amplify feelings of depression and anxiety”, such sarcastic statements wrapped with a clear warning have been devised by the organization to deter the youth from consuming tobacco.

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In one of the campaign videos, a man enters into a few (actual) retail stores and attempts to sell the ‘depression stick’ which is a vaper in disguise. He further amplifies the message that nicotine consumption would help consumers feel depressed and anxious. The campaign is a fresh take on encouraging deterrence of tobacco consumption. A hidden camera follows this marketing professional at every place, where he sells this fake brand of vaper i.e. ‘Depression Stick’. Be it the gas station, retail stores, or homes of social media influencers like Matt Petitto.

The initiative has garnered significant views on YouTube. Many viewers applauded the creativity and humorous element, along with a bunch of users seemed to be concerned about retail workers in these stores.