YouTube Updates: Membership Milestones, Popular Segments & more

YouTube Popular Segments

YouTube has launched an experiment called Popular Segments to make the viewer experience better, along with few important updates for creators.

The updates by YouTube for creators and Popular Segments fire viewers were announced by the team through the Creator Insider channel.

Popular Segments

YouTube is running an experiment wherein above the duration progress bar, viewers will see a graph that highlights interesting moments in the video that are most watched by viewers. Higher peaks in the graph indicate parts that have been rewatched several times.

2-Step Verification Update

Creators with a monetizing channel need to to enable 2-Step verification ahead of November 1 to maintain their access to YouTube Studio. Creators who fail to do so would not be able to upload, edit, or view posts in the Studio.

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Creator Demographics

Currently launched in US, YouTube has introduced Creator & Artist Survey, under Creator Demographics in the YouTube Studio Settings on desktop. The voluntary survey in which creators and artists can provide their personal information such as gender identity, race & ethnicity, and sexual orientation, is intended to grasp a better understanding of the creators, and avoid unintentional bias.

As the evaluation process of YouTube systems is limited because of lack of identity information about the channels on YouTube, the development is intended to make YouTube more inclusive.

Membership Milestones

Membership Milestone chat is the new additional feature for channel members, that can he used by ones who have been a channel member for at least two months. The feature can be used in a live chat once every month, and will be highlighted with celebratory animation in the chat window.


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