Case Study: How Zandu Ultra Power Balm built salience leveraging Khali, engaging 7L+ users

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Zandu Balm engagement campaign

The case study explores how Zandu Ultra Power Balm awareness campaign attempted to boost sales through its association with Khali, executing a multi-layer social media campaign to enhance content distribution.

Zandu Pain Relief roped in Khali, as the face for their Zandu Ultra Power Balm campaign titled 'Kadak Dard ka Kadak Jawaab' to communicate how the balm could take over strong headaches and body ache. It garnered 0.44 mn+ reach through a social media engagement plan.

Category Introduction

Topical pain relievers are the second fastest-growing group of OTC remedies. Globally, the topical pain relief market was valued at USD 7.33 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 813.78 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.31 % from 2019 to 2026. The market was valued at Rs 3,684 crore in 2020, as per Euromonitor International. According to Industry estimates, pain relief creams and balms account for 75-80 percent of it.

Brand Introduction

Zandu Ultra Power Balm is a topical analgesic for those who suffer from strong pain. It is targeted at hardworking individuals who cannot allow pain to become a disruptor in their lives. It features a stronger Ayurvedic formulation of Menthasatva, Nilgiri oil, Gaultheria oil, and other ingredients that soothe strong tension headaches, body aches, neck and shoulder aches, sprains, muscle pain, and other localized pains.


The Zandu Ultra Power Balm engagement campaign is targeted at the common man/woman with a hectic life, suffering from physical body pain - be it headaches, backaches, or body aches. This pain can tend to take over the lives of people and disrupt routines. In a bid to connect with the TG and bring out the brand USP of a strong balm for strong pain, the brand roped in Khali as he matched the brand identity of being a strong solution to strong pains.

Problem Statement/Objective

Mild pain relief products do not fulfill the needs of people who require a stronger solution. This is where the Zandu Ultra Power Balm awareness campaign comes into play. The campaign uses a mix of television, print, and social media to reach out to its target audience.


To create brand awareness for Zandu Ultra Power Balm as a solution to strong pain. To do this, the brand attempted to engage with the TG, leveraging brand ambassador, Khali for higher brand recall.

Creative Idea

Humour is a tool that can convey the most serious of messages in the simplest of ways. Leveraging this, the brand used the caricature style of illustrations, Zandu brought alive the connection with painful wrestling locks, the TG suffering from pain in their various everyday life situations. The video further showcases how the characters finally win over the pain with Zandu Ultra Power Balm.

The communication uses an animated video format where the demon in the first part represents strong pain while Khali the brand ambassador declares the common man the winner in the latter part. Further, the brand initiated meme marketing as another creative route while leveraging several popular meme groups. Lastly, as part of the Zandu Ultra Power Balm awareness campaign, the brand also showcased an analogy between 'Kadak' products and Zandu Balm product proposition.

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The Zandu Ultra Power Balm engagement campaign started with a series of slow reveal posts aimed at giving the target audience a hint of Zandu Ultra Power Balm's capabilities.

This was followed by animated posts depicting the caricature illustrations of Khali declaring the victory of the common man over the demon of strong pain.

Post this, the brand initiated meme marketing posts, leveraging the meme groups and communities on Instagram.

The campaign was further amplified by drawing analogies between Kadak and other products in line with the brand attributes and latest offerings.

The brand also ran a Kadak Khali contest that encouraged users to get Khali to help them do the most absurd tasks. This was targeted at garnering eyeballs while engaging the target audience.


  • Reach – 7.76 Lacs
  • Engagement – 2.32 Lacs
  • The campaign saw users commenting and engaging with all the routes used in the campaign. There was a lot of chatter by users that showed they positively connected with the campaign.
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