Clubhouse introduces Pinned Links for Rooms

Paawan Sunam
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Clubhouse is making it easier to provide a context for Rooms and redirect users to external platforms and websites by allowing moderators to add Pinned Links to Rooms.

Moderators will be able to add Pinned Links to Clubhouse Rooms by tapping the three-dot menu. The functionality is now available on both iOS and Android, and the moderators can also change or remove the link at any time.

Hosts and creators on Clubhouse can now drive traffic to external websites and platforms, along with providing context on the theme or topic of the club. For instance, a group discussing an artist's new music pinning the link to their album or a true crime discussion group pinning the link to a news report.

Creators have the opportunity to fetch an audience from the social audio network to other media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and more. Now brands also have the ability to increase their conversion rates b redirecting the users to a shopping platform whilst discussing their new product range or utilities of their services.

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App installs, downloads, sales, and all of the similar objectives that links have been known to mediate would be possible with the new addition. Collaborations between brands and creators would also turn out more fruitful with the new addition.

Clubhouse recently also introduced a slate of new features to improve the user experience along with the searchability of clubs. Foremost being the launch of Universal Search, users will now be able to search for people, clubs, live rooms, and future events.

Other features include Clips, the ability to share a 30-second clip as a snippet or a preview of the club or room, Replays, and spatial audio.