Clubhouse introduces Replays, attendee count & more

Paawan Sunam
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Clubhouse Replays

Clubhouse releases a much-desired feature enabling creators to exhibit a recording of their room through Replays, along with more additions that complement the new update.

Along with Replays Clubhouse has also launched a slate of additions for creators and listeners that extend the live audio experience with audio-on-demand.


Creators and hosts on Clubhouse can now record their live conversations and turn them into an audio-on-demand piece available and playable at any time as listeners desire. They will also be able to use options such as Leave Quietly, PTRs, mic taps, and watch the stage and audience shift as it occurred during the discussion.

Replays can be toggled on and off by the creators to enable recording of the room, available for everyone on both iOS and Android. Creators would also be able to see the users listening to the conversation, even if they tune in through Replays after the discussion ended.

Source File

Creators will now be able to download the source file of the audio, enabling them to edit and trim the piece to upload it as a podcast on an audio streaming app or on YouTube, or other social platforms.

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Skip To The Next Speaker

Listeners can choose the speakers they specifically want to listen to and skip to them with Replays, and also pause, play, scrub, clip, and listen at 1.5x or 2x.

Attendee Count

Attendee Count shows the total cumulative counts of listeners that tuned into the room. Creators will be able to see and share this count on iOS and Android.

Pinned Links

It is now easier to provide a context for conversations and redirect users to external platforms and websites by allowing moderators to add Pinned Links to Rooms.

Moderators will be able to add Pinned Links to Clubhouse Rooms by tapping the three-dot menu. The functionality is now available on both iOS and Android, and the moderators can also change or remove the link at any time.

Hosts and creators on Clubhouse can now drive traffic to external websites and platforms, along with providing context on the theme or topic of the club. For instance, a group discussing an artist’s new music pinning the link to their album.

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