RAW Pressery’s latest campaign titled ‘Daily Protein. Dairy Protein’ advocates the importance of protein

RAW Pressery campaign

To promote their 18g Protein Milkshakes, RAW Pressery collaborated with a calisthenics athlete, a classical dancer, a professional freestyler, and an aerial yoga instructor to show the importance of daily protein intake & highlight the fact that “Protein is for Everyone”.

Stamina, agility, resilience, ability to withstand stress – are just some of the many benefits of protein. Taking this understanding one step further, RAW Pressery released an influencer campaign that ties the need for daily protein intake with their new ready-to-drink 18g Protein Milkshakes. 

With each influencer highlighting their journeys, RAW Pressery showcases how protein is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle through a series of videos. 

The first video features Rohan Singh, a calisthenics athlete, and trainer, highlighting how daily protein intake helps him maintain the strength and stamina required to sustain and ace in his vocation.

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Next comes Apurva Dani and her graceful Odissi classical dancing. Emphasizing the importance of protein intake, the talented artist highlights how she requires protein daily for stamina and endurance.

The third video features Akshay Yadav, a professional freestyler, athlete & choreographer, and how protein helps him keep up with his strenuous lifestyle.

The final video displays the prowess of Saloni Kothari, a trained aerial yoga instructor, who states how important daily protein consumption is in order to maintain muscle strength. 

The brand also released a compiled video of all the influencers highlighting the key benefits of the product. The choice of bringing in a mix of influencers, who have also been avid consumers of the brand, emphasizes their mantra of #KeepingItRAW.

Further, the campaign manages to weave in product qualities like the ready-to-drink Protein Milkshake is lactose-free and is available in flavors such as Banana Honey, Cold Coffee & Choco Mint, with the narrative seamlessly. The videos also highlight that the product can replenish up to 30% of the daily required protein intake for a regular person* (quoted as per Dietary Intake Report on Macronutrients).

Through this set of influencer collaboration videos, RAW Pressery integrates the product with the narrative, driving home a pertinent message about how protein is integral for everyone irrespective of their age, profession, or lifestyle.