Snapchat updates measurement ad solutions for iOS 14

Snapchat iOS 14

As the advertising industry faces new privacy updates of Apple’s ATT, and digital paradigms facing major shifts caused by the pandemic, Snapchat has announced updates for iOS 14 ad solutions to gear up for the holiday season.

Snapchat iOS 14 Resource Hub

The Snapchat iOS 14 Resource Hub is now available in the Business Help Center. Each topic in the resource center covers a section of the update, its impact, Snapchat’s stance, and the preparations advertisers can adhere to.

iOS 14 introduction, mobile app advertising, data disclosure requirements, and mobile web advertising, are a few of the topics touched upon by the hub.

Advertisers can go through each topic and comprehend how the changes will affect their strategies and campaigns. For instance, Snap first apprises us of the iOS updates such as App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a permission system for users to opt-in to tracking across apps and websites owned by other companies.

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Advanced Conversions

Advanced Conversions aids advertisers in meeting their campaign objectives while complying with the ad tracking preferences selected by the user via Apple’s ATT policy. Aggregate conversion data is measured through cryptographic techniques rather than user activity. This enables Snapchat to align relevant ad experiences with a privacy-focused method.

The attribution system utilizes a privacy-centric data processing pipeline to associate web conversions and app conversions to ad exposure on Snap. Two datasets are used in Advanced Conversions: impression data (derived from Snap) and conversion data (derived from the advertiser). In the process, identifiable information that can be linked back to specific users would not be shared with the advertisers.